Department of Physiology

About the Department

The department Physiology is introduced in this college in 2014 as a UG Bio Science general course to ensure the proper learn about the human health. The main goal of this department is to relate the student’s education to their daily life by which they make theirs life healthy. This department ensure proper teaching, advance skill development.

This department have smart class room with projector facilities.

Department is well developed with the modern facilitate bio laboratory with all important instruments like Microscopes, Incubator, Colorimeter, Bio safety cabinet, centrifuge, BP machine etc. are present.

Several books related to this subject are well enriched in central library.

By studying Physiology a student can gathering the information how his/her body functions works.The students learn how multiple cells forms a tissue, multiple tissues form a organ and multiple organ makes a body and these body controlled by brain with nervous and endocrine system.The students learn how nervous system (brain) is responsible for think, speech, sleep and emotion.The students learn how after a scene (impulse) we react.

The students learn how endocrine system is responsible for body development and specific function like sex separation, metabolism etc. The students learn how Blood nourish the body and make connected to each other.The students learn how Lungs purified the blood by expiratory out CO2 and inspiratory in O2.Thestudents learn how we metabolize different type of foods through digestive tract. The students learn how kidneys execrate toxic elements from body.The students learn how the skin is responsible for body temperature control. The students learn how our immune system functioning against pathogen.The students learn how vitamins works in our body.The students learn how a fertilized cell can form a multi cellular human body.By studying physiology students can make diet chart and could be evolved as dietician. By studying physiology students can test laboratory and can make their self as Lab technician in future.By studying physiology students can make their self a sport physiologist.


By studying this physiology syllabus students can prepare themselves in CSIR-UGC NET, GAET, SLET, ICMR, TIFR. Exam. They also go for School Service Commission exam. They can further make them as a dietician, Lab technician, sport physiologist by taking specific study.

Date Of Initiation Of The Department: 2014

Programme Offered:

  • B.Sc. General in Physiology (Since 2014)

Details of Programs Offered by the Department:

Program Level Under Graduate
Duration in Months 48
Eligibility Download
Medium of Instruction Bengali, English
Course structure According to the CBCS system under VU
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Program-Specific Outcome & Course Outcome

PSO & CO of Physiology General


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Results (Last 5 years)

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Infrastructure Available In The Department:

Total number of ICT enables classrooms 01
Total Number of classrooms 03
Number of Laboratory 03
Total number of Books in Seminar Library 25
Total number of Instruments 20

Our Staff

Subhankar Manna
State Aided College Teacher (SACT)
M.Sc.(Joint Incharge of Physiology Dept.)
Sumana Paul
State Aided College Teacher (SACT)
M.Sc., B.Ed
Bishal Das
State Aided College Teacher (SACT)